More About JUSTJUNK!

Our Vision
JUSTJUNK! is a community partner dedicated to responsible junk removal. What we do from day to the next affects each and every day thereafter and thus we are very conscious of our commitment to improving our environmental impact.

To support this Environmental Vision, we aspire at JUSTJUNK! to focus on and abide by the following principles:

  • To adhere and even surpass all required environmental standards.
  • To use our own innovative ideas and concepts to protect the environment where regulation has not provided a standard.
  • To keep the JUSTJUNK! staff and employees up to date and trained on all environmental polices, procedures and systems.

Our Difference
Having taken a fragmented and dirty industry and jazzed it up with clean vehicles, a smart uniformed crew and an up-front on-time service, JUSTJUNK! provides the consumer with a unique and great service. Anything goes when it comes to waste. We also have other services to assist many needs and our environmental procedures and awareness have captivated the market.

Our Success
Due to clever marketing, a “ask once” team culture and a transparent up-front service, consumers have become aware of and in demand of our services. Our unique and simple concept combined with a slick professional attitude has provided a platform of success.

Our Services
JUSTJUNK! started in 2007 with clearing and collecting junk from all sectors of society. Since then our services have expanded due to customer requests to include scrap metal, E-waste, document shredding, transport and removals, disaster clean up, handyman services, sales and auctions.

JUNK REMOVAL: we collect junk from households, offices and commercial properties.
SCRAP METAL: We collect, buy and sell scrap metal.
E-WASTE: Electronic goods can be collected or dropped off and will be disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner.
CONFIDENTIAL DOCUMENT SHREDDING: We conduct on and off-site document shredding services.
TRANSPORT AND REMOVALS: We have a fleet of trucks, ranging from 1.5 tons to 10 tons with a fully trained crew to ensure your goods are safely moved from one point to the next.
HAZARDOUS WASTE REMOVAL: We can dispose of hazardous waste and dangerous items and follow the City Council’s hazardous waste disposal regulations.
HANDYMAN SERVICES: No DIY job is too big or too small for us to handle.
ADDITIONAL SERVICES: These are services we are experienced in and, where necessary or required, a joint-venture partner is called in to assist. These services include disaster clean-up (eg. fire or flood), party and event maintenance and cleaning (no event is too small or big for us), demolition and storage facilities.



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