Electronic (E-waste) Removal

The JUSTJUNK! Electronic Waste (E-Junk or E-Waste) division caters for the safe disposal of the hidden toxic chemicals that are inside electronic items.

Items such as computers, monitors, refrigerators and batteries contain harmful chemicals that damage the air and water supplies when they are discarded in landfills. Such disposal is both immoral and against the law!

As well as preventing the release of these toxic chemicals into the environment, other components (such as plastic, glass, metal and copper) are recycled at the same time. For example, tyres (although not classified as E-waste) are being recycled to make asphalt, shoes and sports courts.

It is important to dispose of E-Waste correctly to avoid breaking the law and suffering the consequential penalties and fines, as well as helping the environment.

JustJUNK E-Waste Removals

Should you have E-waste needing removal, JUSTJUNK! are the experts to call. Whether it be electronics, computers, phones, batteries, air conditioning units or refrigerators, JUSTJUNK! have the upper hand on electronic disposal and recycling.

There are two options available for safe and environmentally responsible E-waste disposal:

1. E-waste drop-off
You can load and drop off your E-waste at our depot in Wynberg. Email us or call us on 083-703-5865 / 021-801-1100 to make arrangements. Or simply arrive at our premises, free of charge!

2. E-waste collection
JUSTJUNK! can also arrange to collect your E-waste. Email us or call us on 083-703-5865 / 021-801-1100 and our friendly crew will provide you with a no-obligation FREE quote. If our on-the-spot quote is acceptable, we will remove your E-waste and clean up the premises too.

JUSTJUNK! recycles and donates E-waste where possible and since 2007 we have saved thousands of tons of E-waste from ending up on landfills and polluting our environment.



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